Preliminary list of participants for the open session at


Note: the information on this page is subject to change (last update was Nov 24, 1999). A * indicates the presenter (for an abstract with more than one author).

  1. Carlos Areces: Accounting for Assertional Information (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)
  2. Jean-Yves Beziau: From Paraconsistent Logic to Universal Logic (abstract.txt, abstract.doc)
  3. Olexiy Bilyk* and Yaroslav Bilyk: On Hilbert's Endeavour to Formalise Mathematics (abstract.txt)
  4. A. Bujosa and R. Criado*: The Zorn condition: a characterization of algebraic closure systems (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)
  5. Luis F. Caceres-Duque: Ultraproduct of Ideals in a Noetherian Ring (abstract.txt)
  6. I. Chajda: Deductive systems in universal algebra (abstract.txt)
  7. Dejan Delic: Locally finite discriminator varieties with group stalks (abstract.pdf,
  8. K. Denecke and O. L"ders: Categorical Equivalence of Varieties and Invariant Relations (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)
  9. Brian A. Davey and Miroslav Haviar*: An efficient transfer of strong dualities (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)
  10. Joanna Grygiel: Constructing distributive lattices with a given link lattice (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)
  11. R. Halas: Algebraic properties of generalized MV-algebras (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)
  12. Hippolyte Hounnon: Second Order Varieties of Semirings (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)
  13. Joao Marcos: Possible-Translations Semantics: a special way of combining logics (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)
  14. Jiri Rachunek: A non-commutative generalization of MV-algebras (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)
  15. Natarajan Raja: Combinators for Concurrent Computing (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)
  16. Ingrid Rewitzky: A power algebra of games of choice (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)
  17. Martin Roessiger: Modal Logic for Coalgebras (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)
  18. Mamoru Shimoda: A natural interpretation of fuzzy mapings (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)
  19. Boza Tasic: On operators in universal algebra and related structures (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)
  20. Yuri Velinov: Multicategories in Computer Science (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)
  21. Willem C. Visser: Analytic Verification at NASA: A View from the Trenches (abstract.tex,, abstract.pdf)