ASCIIMath Scientific Calculator (ver 1.2)

A free webpage calculator with live MathML display

This page requires Internet Explorer 6+MathPlayer or Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape 7+.

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Note that this is dynamic HTML running locally on your machine.
Right-click on the output to copy or view the MathML code (or have it spoken in IE+MathPlayer).

Some technical remarks: This calculator works only in radians. (Multiply angles by pi/180 to convert from degrees to radians.)
The syntax is loosely based on JavaScript and a subset of ASCIIMathML.
The multiplication symbol * can be omitted after a digit (0-9) or a closing parenthesis.
Available constants and functions:
    +, -, *, /, ^, pi, e, sqrt(), ln(), abs(), sign(), floor(), ceil(), n!, C(n,k), ran(a,b,n)
    sin(), cos(), tan(), sin^-1(), cos^-1(), tan^-1(), sinh(), cosh(), tanh(), sinh^-1(), cosh^-1(), tanh^-1()
    sec(), csc(), cot(), sec^-1(), csc^-1(), cot^-1(), sech(), csch(), coth(), sech^-1(), csch^-1(), coth^-1()
Values can be assigned to (legal JavaScript) variable names. Use ";" to separate expressions.
Any number of calculator textareas can be placed anywhere on your own webpages.

ASCIIMathML and this calculator are freely available under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Please include a link to on any webpage that makes use of them, and send a link of your webpage to
Peter Jipsen, Chapman University, May 2007 Valid HTML 4.01!