ASCIIMathML Editor 2.0 (This page requires Internet Explorer 6+MathPlayer or Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape 7+.)

Type (or paste) your text into the textarea. The display on the right updates after 20 keystrokes or whenever you click the update button. Enclose all formulas with left-quotes or \$-signs (or double-blanks if checkbox below is selected). If you know (La)TeX formula syntax, you can use that as well (most basic formulas work). To save your work, click the "View MathML" button and copy the output to a text editor (e.g. Notepad).
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(Copy and paste the following lines to see what symbols they produce)
You can use the following ASCIIMathML constructs: \`(x+1)/(x-1) x^(i+j) x_(ij) sqrt(x) root(n)(x) stackrel(+)(->) text(any) "any"\`
Operation symbols \`+ - * ** // \\ xx -: @ o+ ox sum prod ^^ ^^^ vv vvv nn nnn uu uuu\`
Relation symbols \`= != < <= > >= -< >- in !in sub sup sube supe -= ~= ~~ prop\`
Logical symbols \`and or not => if iff AA EE _|_ TT |-- |==\`
Miscellaneous symbols \`int oint del grad +- O/ oo aleph ... cdots \ quad qquad diamond square |__ __| |~ ~| CC NN QQ RR ZZ\`
Standard functions \`sin cos tan csc sec cot sinh cosh tanh log ln det dim lim mod gcd lcm\`
Grouping brackets \`( ) [ ] { } (: :) {: :}\` Arrows \`uarr darr rarr -> larr harr rArr lArr hArr\`
Accents \`hatx barx ulx vecx dotx ddotx\` Font commands \`bbA bbbA ccA ttA frA sfA\` Matrices \`[[a,b],[c,d]] ((1,0),(0,1))\`
Greek letters \`alpha beta chi delta Delta epsi eta gamma Gamma iota kappa lambda Lambda mu nu omega Omega phi Phi pi Pi psi rho sigma Sigma tau theta Theta upsilon xi Xi zeta\`

You are welcome to save this page locally on your computer (then it will also work without an active internet connection) or on a webserver.

The main aims of the ASCIIMathML syntax are: -- 1. close to standard mathematical notation -- 2. easy to read -- 3. easy to type

With this editor, anyone can easily produce XHTML+MathML documents that can be viewed on a variety of browsers (even without JavaScript support). The original ASCIIMathML version of the page is included as a comment at the top of the webpage in case the page requires further editing at a later stage. The editor also ensures that users of ASCIIMathML are not locked into the specific ASCII (or LaTeX) syntax, but are free to convert their files to standard Presentation MathML when this is convenient.

Peter Jipsen, Chapman University, June 2005