Prague and Czech Page

Prague is my favorite city in the world. At the bottom of the page are some pictures to give you an idea why.

Here is a great 45 minute video introduction to Prague, and here is a short 3 minute video of Prague sights.

If you would like to see more of Prague, here is a slideshow with pictures I borrowed from various folks on the web. You can download the PowerPoint version here, and a copy of the free PowerPoint viewer here.

If you are going to visit Prague, here are some helpful links:

ITINERARY: How to see Prague in only 2 days!

ADVICE: My advice for traveling in Europe.

WHAT TO SEE: Top 14 Prague Sights, Day trips that you can take from Prague, Weekend trips that you can take from Prague.

TRANSFERS: Transportation from the airport.

AIRPORT: Airport information, including ATM location, Official Airport Information.

HELPFUL LINKS: Many Useful Links, Lonely Planet Links

AIR, RAIL, AND BUS TRAVEL: Now you can fly around Europe for cheap!!.

MOBILE (CELL) PHONES: Here is some advice about using your cell phone in the Czech Republic.

WEATHER: Click here for a current forecast, and here for historical weather information.

THEATER: Theater Excursions

SHOPPING: Shopping in Prague

METRO: Here is some information on the Prague Metro System.

EXCHANGE: Exchange Rates

USEFUL PHRASES: Basic Czech expressions, and the casual visitors primer.

FULBRIGHTERS: Click here for links to useful information for Fulbright Scholars.

Links to useful websites:


Prague Maps:

        pdf Map for Printing

        Large Map with important details highlighted.

        Large Map (plain)

        Historical Map with important details highlighted.

        Historical Map (plain)

        Colorful Map

        Flash Map (very good)

        Detailed Maps

        Internet Maps



Click on a thumbnail for a larger version of the picture.

We were married in Prague in the New Town Hall shown below. Click on a thumbnail for a larger version of the picture.



new_town_hall_6 new_town_hall_7

new_town_hall_door The door on the New Town Hall