Prague Public Transportation


Prague is not a driving city, forget about renting a car unless you are leaving the city to go somewhere.  Prague is a walking city, and like Paris or London, Prague is a Metro city.  Learn to ride the Metro and you will get around without any hassle at all.


The same tickets and passes work for all 3 systems: the Metro, trams, and buses.  You can buy individual tickets for 18 or 26 CZK (Czech Crowns or Koruna), but my advice is to buy a 5 day pass.  With a pass you just hop on and off at will, and it is also good for the city’s extensive bus and tram system.  Note that on the maps trams have 1 or 2-digit numbers, and buses have 3-digit numbers.


Here are the prices for tickets and short-term passes:


0.5-hour no-transfer ticket

18 CZK ($ 1.12)

Tickets are valid for the time stated after

validating (punching).Validate your ticket

by punching it in a little yellow machine in

the metro station lobby or on the bus or

tram.  Do not forget to validate or you

will regret it.

1.5-hour transfer ticket

26 CZK ($ 1.61)

24-hour ticket

100 CZK ($ 6.21)

3-day ticket *

330 CZK ($ 20.50)

5-day ticket *

500 CZK ($ 31.06)

30-day ticket

550 CZK ($ 34.17)


          * allows travel with 1 child aged 6-15


Here are links to important information:

·        What a passenger should know.

·        Ticket sales.

·        Ticket Inspection.


Here are two links to more information about Prague’s Metro:




Click on the maps below for a larger version.




Tram and Metro





Here is a complete set of maps for the Prague transportation system.