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Peiyi Zhao, Ph.d


Associate Professor,  

MicroChip Integrated Circuit Lab

Computer Engineering Program,
Fowler School of Computer Engineering

Chapman University


Phone:714 744 7804

Email: zhao at chapman dot edu



2019: Call for papers: The IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Systems 

The IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Systems is a major international forum for discussion of new technology progress and innovations in the design and implementation of digital signal processing systems. It addresses all aspects of architecture and design methods of these systems. Emphasis is on current and future challenges in research and development in both academia and industry. 

2017:  Learn from the website of my research collaborator, Dr. Zhongfeng Wang ( moved from Broadcom Inc to Nanjing University in 2016that our paper, “Design of Sequential Elements for Low Power Clocking System”, has been listed as top 18 most downloaded paper in IEEE Transaction on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) in 2011


              Promoted to Associate Professor and awarded tenure.



1. Invited talk and session chair at IEEE International Conference on Solid-State and Integrated Circuit Technology (ICSICT-2010), Shanghai, China, November 1-4, 2010.

2. Received the Achievement Award for Excellence in Scholarly/ Creative Activity, Chapman University, May, 2010

3. Two diagrams of my low power VLSI designs have been included in VLSI textbook, CMOS VLSI Design, by N.Weste,David Harris, Fourth edition, March  2010.

: 1. Research presentation: Tsinghua University(top science and engineering school in China), Beijing:
          “Low Power Double Edge Flip flop”
          2.  Faculty Forum of Chapman University
          Green Computing:
Reducing the environmental and economic impact of energy consumption

2007: Undergraduate student was involved with a peer reviewed journal publication in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
          One student was recruited by integrated circuit design corporation in Southern California.

2006: Paper cited by researchers in System on Chip Center, Toshiba Corporation (cited in IEEE Transaction on VLSI).

          Reviewer of text book: “Digital Design and Computer Architecture” by David Harris, Sarah Harris.

2005: Two previous students in my research project were recruited by Intel.