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                     Guidelines for presentations and papers

                     Common Errors and Weaknesses in Writing

Time Management

                     Balancing Your Family Faith & Work. David C. Cook. ISBN 978-0-7814-3899-5.   by Pat Gelsinger, former Intel CTO, currently CEO of VMware. He was the general manager of the division responsible for the famous Pentium Pro microprocessor (Pentium processor is in the text book of our Computer Architecture class.)

Unix Commands        




The OCTANe : Orange County’s biomedical and IT programs and events.    
Research Experiences for Undergraduates: http://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/reu_search.cfm
Southern California Regional Junior Science & Humanities Symposium Papers:
Research forum in China  EE of mitbbs.com  

Map TCP/IP Network Printer, HP Laser Jet Properties: Devices Settings/Duplex Unit

Trouble shooting printer  problem http://lbis.kenyon.edu/help/printing/printertroubleshoot.phtml      
Web page permission  
Mapping home directory into your computer,
How to Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection for DSL or Cable Service  
How do I delete the files in Content.IE5 folder,
How do I delete the contents of my Temporary Internet Files folder?    
How to fix Windows error code Stop Ox0000 000A  
Computer Science, Computer engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Systems Management           
Non major computer course at UCSC: Personal Computer Concepts(text book: Computer Confluence: Tomorrow’s Technology and You)     
Library: Chapman Library, Orange County,
Cal State Fullerton Library, Orange Public Library, Leatherby Libraries Catalog , UCI-ANTPACUC-MELVYL      

Safety ( Identity Theft Protection)

www.optoutprescreen.com Credit report  www.annualcreditreport.com 1–888–567–8688   

History of China

                     Culture Revolution:  

o   CND (China News Digest) is building a virtual museum for the Cultural Revolution. Here are other links: 

o   文革十年, 

o   www.conservapedia.com/Cultural_Revolution,

o   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_Revolution

o   A few things recorded by former Peking University student, Feng Bingchen, in a book 游子吟》 (第七章第十五段)

o   Brief list of important events before and during Cultural Revolution in 《神州》(后半部分开始处)

o   網上文革博物館

o   Chinese Holocaust Memorial by Wang Youqing: http://hum.uchicago.edu/faculty/ywang/history/memo_index.htm



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