Below are worksheets, outlines, and samples of letters to be used when consulting with parents and teachers on behavior or academic problems.  They may be downloaded directly from this site.

Problem Solving Process Worksheet: An outline of the forms you may want to consider using while consulting.

Problem Solving Model Critical Components: Critical components and questions to ask during the consultation process.

Referral Question Domains of Hypothesis Generation: Possible areas to consider in generating hypotheses and areas for intervention.

Treatment Integrity Facilitation: Examples of factors affecting treatment integrity and adherance.

Case Consultation Protocol: Protocol to guide the consultation process.

Teacher Letter for Behavioral Consultation/The Collaborative Process: Cover letter to teachers introducing consultation for behavioral concerns.

Problem Identification Interview Worksheet: Worksheet to help you define a problem, establish a procedure for collecting baseline data, and determine the functional nature of the behavior.

Analysis Worksheet: Provides an outline for a tentative functional assessment and goal for behavior change.

Treatment Evaluation Worksheet: Worksheet to help determine if consultation goals have been obtained, evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment plan, and schedule any additional interviews (if needed).

Observation Recording Data Sheets: Various worksheets for collecting data.

Teacher Letter-Academic: Cover letter to teachers introducing the consultation process for academic problems.

Academic Referral Protocol: Worksheet for consulting on academic problems.

Teacher Interview Form For Academic Problems: Interview guideline for consulting on academic problems.

Process of Academic Interventions: Worksheet for evaluating hypotheses about academic problems and suggestions for possible interventions.

The Functional Assessment of Academic Behavior (FAAB): Guide for evaluating the total learning environment of a student (Home, School, and Home-School Collaboration).

Intervention Plan Worksheet: Worksheet to guide planning and monitoring of interventions.

FAAB Parent Interview: Guide for obtaining information from parents regarding the child's learning environment.