Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) US Alumni 2018 Seminar on

"Growing Atmospheric Pollution and Its Impact on Climate"


With the growing population, urbanization and energy demands, greenhouse emissions have increased, that have affected global warming and climate change. The climate change is directly and indirectly evident to people living on the Earth planet. The land is surrounded by ocean and atmosphere and strong coupling exists between land-ocean-atmosphere. This strong coupling is getting complex due to human activities and also due to influence of Sun. The radiations from the sun reaching the earth’s surface are being blocked by the clouds and atmospheric pollutants and similarly longwave radiations emitted by the earth are trapped in the lower atmosphere. The increasing aerosol loads is directly affecting the atmospheric pollution and have direct relation with the global warming and climate change. The sources of atmospheric pollution and their monitoring using satellite and ground observations will be discussed with reference to climate change in Asia and US continent. The goal of the seminar is to invite JSPS Alumni from California and scientists from Japan to interact and exchange ideas to study impact of atmospheric pollution on climate change and associated impacts.


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Convener – Ramesh P. Singh, Ph.D., Professor, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Schmid College of Science and Technology, Chapman University, Orange, CA 92866 Email:


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JSPS February 16, 2018 Agenda


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