A Generic All-Pairs Cluster-Computing Pipeline and its Applications

Radenski, A., B. Norris, W. Chen. In E. D’Hollander, C. Joubert, F. Peters, H. Sips (Eds), Parallel Computing: Fundamentals & Applications, Imperial College Press, 366-374.

In this paper  we propose a generic pipeline for all-pairs computations on a cluster of workstations. We use this generic pipeline to derive specific cluster algorithms for three different all-pairs problems: n-body simulation, bubble sort, and Gaussian elimination. We implement the generic pipeline and its derivatives on a cluster of Intel Pentium II workstations using C and the PVM cluster computing environment. We measure and evaluate the performance of the derived algorithms. The n-body and bubble sort algorithms achieve super-linear speedup for large problems.

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Last updated: June 2002.