MIS Journal Rankings
Rank Journal Name AIS Equivalent Accounting Journal AIS
Premier Journals 1 MIS Quarterly 2.8 Journal of Accounting Research 3.6 Premier Journals
  2 Information Systems Research 2.0 Journal of Accounting and Economics 3.3  
  3 Management Science 3.6 Journal of Finance 10.0  
  4 Journal of Management Information Systems 1.3 Accounting Review 2.3  
  5 Communications of the ACM 1.8 Review of Accounting Studies 1.8  
Top Tier Journals 6 Journal of Information Technology 1.9 Contemporary Accounting Research 1.3 Top Tier Journals
  7 Journal of the Association for Information Systems 1.3 Accounting, Organizations and Society 1.0  
  8 Information Systems Journal 1.4 Management Accounting Research 0.9  
  9 Journal of Strategic Information Systems 1.4 Auditing 0.8  
  10 European Journal of Information Systems 1.3 Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 0.7  
  11 Information and Management 1.1 Financial Analysts Journal 0.7  
  12 Journal of Information Systems fc Other AAA Journals    
  13 Decision Sciences 0.8 Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal 0.6
14 ACM Transactions (Various) var Critical Perspectives on Accounting 0.6
15 ACM Computing Surveys 2.4 Accounting Horizons 0.6
16 Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 2.2 British Accounting Review 0.5
17 Journal of the ACM 1.9 European Accounting Review 0.5
18 OMEGA-Intern. Journal of Mgmt Science 1.5 Accounting and Business Research 0.5
19 Decision Support Systems 1.1 Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 0.4
20 Information and Organization 1.0 Abacus 0.4
21 Information Society 0.9 Accounting Forum  
22 Government Information Quarterly 0.8 Journal of Accounting Literature  
23 International Journal of Electronic Commerce 0.8 Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation  
24 Internet Research 0.7 International Journal of Accounting  
25 Information Systems 0.7 Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance  
26 Journal of the ASIST 0.7 Behavioral Research in Accounting  
27 Information Systems Frontiers 0.6 Foundations and Trends in Accounting  
28 Information Technology and People 0.4 Journal of the American Taxation Association  
29 DATA BASE   British Tax Review  
30 Info. Resources Management Journal   Financial Accountability and Management  
31 Journal of Information Management   International Tax and Public Finance 0.6
32 Journal of Management Systems   National Tax Journal 0.5
33 Operations Research 2.3 Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting 0.3
34 Org. Behavior and Human Decision Processes 1.9 Accounting and Finance 0.3
35 Computers in Human Behavior 1.1 Australian Accounting Review 0.2
36 International Journal of Information Management 1.0 Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics 0.1
37 MIS Quarterly Executive 0.8 International Journal of Accounting Information Systems  
38 Information Processing and Management 0.7 Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal  
39 International Journal of Human Computer Studies 0.7 Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management  
40 Int'l Journal of Human-Computer Studies 0.7 International Journal of Auditing  
41 Electronic Commerce Research and Applications 0.6 Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics  
42 Journal of Systems and Software 0.6 Managerial Auditing Journal  
43 Industrial Management and Data Systems 0.6 Journal of Management Accounting Research  
44 British Journal of Educational Technology 0.6 International Journal of Accounting and Information Management  
45 Computer Supported Cooperative Work 0.5 Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change  
46 Requirements Engineering 0.5 Journal of International Accounting Research  
47 Journal of Information Science 0.4 Journal of Management Control  
48 Behaviour and Information Technology 0.4 Accounting in Europe  
49 Interfaces (INFORMS) 0.4 Journal of Applied Accounting Research  
50 Journal of Enterprise Information Management fc China Journal of Accounting Research  
51 Enterprise Information Systems 0.3 Asian Review of Accounting  
52 Electronic Commerce Research 0.3 Research in Accounting Regulation  
53 Journal of Computer Information Systems 0.3 Accounting Research Journal  
54 Interacting with Computers 0.3 International Journal of Disclosure and Governance  
55 Information Technology for Development 0.3 Accounting and the Public Interest  
56 Journal of Documentation 0.3 Advances in Management Accounting  
57 Information Systems Management 0.3 Int'l Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation  
58 Information Systems and e-Business Management 0.3 Advances in Taxation  
59 Expert Systems 0.3 Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management  
60 Computer Journal 0.3 Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research  
61 Health Information and Libraries Journal 0.3 Accounting, Economics and Law: A Convivium  
62 Data Base for Advances in Information Systems 0.3 Advances in Accounting  
63 Journal of Computer Info. Systems 0.3 Current Issues in Auditing  
64 Journal of Global Information Management 0.2 International Journal of Managerial and Financial Accounting  
65 Journal of Global Information Technology Management 0.2 Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies  
66 INFOR 0.2 Journal of Tax Administration  
67 Communications of the AIS   Revista de Contabilidad-Spanish Accounting Review 0.0
68 Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems   Comptabilite Controle Audit 0.0
69 AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction   Journal of Information Systems  
70 Annual Review of Information Science and Technology   Social and Environmental Accountability Journal  
71 Business & Information Systems Engineering   Revista Espanola de Financiacion y Contabilidad  
72 Health Systems   Advances in Environmental Accounting and Management  
73 Journal of Data Base Administration   Australasian Accounting, Business and Finance Journal  
74 Journal of Info. Systems Management   Advances in Public Interest Accounting  
75 Journal of Operations Research   EDPACS  
76 Knowledge Based Systems   ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research  
77 Pacific Asia Journal of the AIS   Accounting, Finance & Governance Review  
78 Communication Research 1.8 African Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance  
79 Expert Systems with Applications 0.9 China Journal of Accounting Studies  
80 Human-Computer Interaction 0.9 International Journal of Critical Accounting  
81 Journal of Informetrics 0.9 Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems  
82 Ethics and Information Technology 0.5 Journal of Accounting and Taxation  
83 Online Information Review 0.4 Journal of Forensic and Investigative Accounting  
84 Aslib Journal of Information Management 0.4 Journal of Forensic Studies in Accounting and Business  
85 Journal of Electronic Commerce Research 0.4 Journal of Governmental & Non-Profit Accounting  
86 Journal of Organizational Computing and E-Commerce 0.2 Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research  
87 Information Technology and Management 0.2 Management Accounting Frontiers  
88 Jrnl of Theoretical and Applied E-Commerce Research 0.2 Management Accounting Quarterly  
89 Knowledge Management Research and Practice 0.2 Meditari Accountancy Research  
90 Journal of Organizational and End User Computing 0.2 Pacific Accounting Review  
91 Information Research 0.1 Research in Governmental and Non-Profit Accounting  
92 Journal of Database Management 0.1 Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting  
93 Simulation fc South African Journal of Accounting Research  
94 Information Technology and Tourism   World Tax Journal  
95 Journal of Internet Commerce      
96 International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems      
97 Journal of Systems and Information Technology      
98 International Journal of Knowledge Management      
99 International Journal of e-Business Research      
100 Journal of Decision Systems      
101 Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting      
102 International Journal of Web Information Systems      
103 Australasian Journal of Information Systems      
104 Int'l Journal of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies      
105 Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations      
106 Int'l Journal of Information Systems in the Service Sector      
107 Information Resources Management Journal      
108 Int'l Journal of Information Technology and Management      
109 Int'l Journal of IS and Change Management      
110 Journal of Information Systems Education      
111 Journal of Systems Management      
112 Expert Systems Review      
113 Journal of End-User Computing      
114 AI Expert      
115 Journal of Software Maintenance      
116 Computers and Automation