New Course Announcement – Spring 2003

The Ethics of War 

Philosophy 304 - Multicultural Ethics: War
Tuesdays 4:00-6:50

Counts for CH II and World Cultures Credit

Dr. Joseph Runzo

This course is an in-depth study of the ethics of whether, when and how to wage war. In the course we will take a global, multicultural perspective, considering examples from throughout history and around the world.  Both philosophical texts and military texts will be used and there will be an extensive treatment of film.  Just war theory and pacifism, or nonviolence, will be addressed in detail.  Guest lecturers will include Professors Kevin O’Brien, Matthew Schneider and Paul Gulino of Chapman and Professor David Chappell of Soka University of America.


The Art of War  (Sun Tzu)
The Book of War
(John Keegan)
Buddhist Peacework – Creating Cultures of
(David W. Chappell)
Crimes Against Humanity: The Struggle for
Global Justice
(Goeffrey Robertson)

Morality and Contemporary Warfare
     (James Turner Johnson)
Subverting Hatred: The Challenge of
     Nonviolence in Religious Traditions
(Daniel Smith-Christopher)
War and Our World
  (John Keegan)


Greek Fire V. 5: War
(Ancient Greece)
The Civil War
: 1864 (Ken Burns)
The West: Death Runs Riot
(Ken Burns)
(South Africa, 19th Century)
Breaker Morant

     (Boer War, S. Africa)
The Battleship Potemkin
(Russian Revolution)

(WWI, Australian)
Grand Illusion
     (French, after WW I)
War Comes to America

     (Frank Capra, WW II)

The Highest Honor

     (WW II – Japanese/U.S.)

     (Nonviolence vs. British Rule)
War and Peace - Jang Aur Aman

(South Asia)
(H-bomb Designer/Nobel Prize)
To Live
(Chinese Revolution)
Hearts and Minds
(U.S.,Vietnam War)
The Awakening Bell
(Buddhism & Vietnam War –
     Thich Nhat Hanh)

Ethics for the New Millennium

(Dalai Lama)
Rhapsody in August (Kurasawa -
     Japanese-Americans and


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