Mushroom Story

They were spawned to life on a rainy Saturday, on a small university campus in Southern California. On Sunday morning, the sun was shining. Click on thumbnail to see larger picture.

The mushrooms looked around and saw a world full of opportunities. What should they do?

One of them wanted to spend its life in the library, soaking the wisdom of all ages (and play computer games from time to time).

Another definitely preferred the football field and all the satisfaction and glory that sports may bring.

Do you see the front door of the business school behind the branches? Two of them were determined to make the most of this opportunity.

Others saw the meaning of life in hanging out in the cafe all day long... and partying at night.

A sophisticated one spotted the interfaith center hidden behind some dense branches, and contemplated a possible dedication to spiritual life.

The sunny Sunday world seemed full of promising opportunities.

On Monday morning, the maintenance crews came to work. Soon, the mushrooms were gone. The grass looked as if they never existed.

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