In Search of Beauty in Italy

Italy is one of the cradles of the western culture. In search for beauty, I took these pictures in Bologna, Venice, and the Dolomite mountains in the summer of 2006. Click on thumbnail to see larger picture.

This is the University of Bologna - a 1000 years old institution. Beauty is likely to be inside knowledge, right?

Food can be perceived as beautiful, too. Bologna offers a lot to those who like to eat.

The Neptune statue in downtown Bologna: Beauty and truth are in the eye of beholder.

Venice is a beautiful historic town...

... but it is very touristy...

... and it is crowded.

I had to go to St. Mark's before 7 in the morning to see more pigeons that people.

I found the Venice lagoon quite busy, too.

... and I chose to return to town in the beautiful night.

The Dolomites can be stunningly beautiful ...

... but getting there can be challenging.

Beauty or not, man's desire to eat is unstoppable.

In August, only a summer snowstorm can force the crowds down the mountain.

A summer snowstorm is a reminder that unexpected events make us feel alive.

A warm cozy hotel is a good place to reflect on a recent experience in the cold mountain.

No matter the hardship, mountains give the most beautiful feeling the feeling of freedom.

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