Jar Updated

Improved Efficiency

Updated the way ImgStegano handles the messages. A long message which often took upwards of 40 seconds on my laptop, now takes only about 0.5 seconds (with winamp playing). I'd say that is quite a performace increase. As a result it also takes up less memory, and doesn't cause the processor to spike!
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Enhanced LSB

Added new screenshots of the Enhanced LSB attack on images with different colors and complexities to show the effectiveness of the steganography used.

Essay on Image Steganography


Steganography is the process of hiding a secret message within a larger one in such a way that someone can not know the presence or contents of the hidden message. The purpose of Steganography is to maintain secret communication between two parties. This paper will show how Steganography is used in a modern context while providing a practical understanding of what Steganography is and how to accomplish it.
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How To Use

Using ImgStegano

  • Open an image (bmp or png) to activate features
  • To embed a message into an image
    1. *Works only with ASCII text
    2. Write your message into the textbox
    3. Encrypt your message with a password: Message->Encrypt
    4. Embed your message: Message->Embed
    5. Depending on image size and message length, wait 5-30secs
    6. To compare changes to image: Image->Compare
  • To extract a message from an image
    1. *Extraction only works on images made with ImgStegano
    2. Extract you message: Message->Extract
    3. Depending on image size and message length, wait 5-90secs
    4. Decrypt message: Message->Decrypt
    5. To remove message from image: Message->Clear
  • To detect Steganography
    1. *Works on any bmp or png image
    2. Visual Attack: Image->Enhanced LSB
    3. Statistical Attack: Image->Chi-Square Analysis (not yet implemented)


Download ImgStegano

A Java Image Steganography Program
Embed and Extract text from any .bmp or .png image!