ASCIIMathML.js sample page

Use auto-math-recognize mode (amath here x^2 and text is mixed endamath) or surround ASCIIMath formulas with left-quotes: `sum_(i=1)^n i=(n(n+1))/2` or LaTeX formulas with \$-signs $\int_0^{\pi/2} \sin x\,dx=1$.

And here is a simple graph: agraph plot(sin(x)) endagraph followed by a more elaborate graph (try double-clicking it, also while holding down shift or alt) agraph width=300; height=200; xmin=-5; xmax=5; xscl=1; plot((x-2)*(x-1)*x*(x+1)*(x+2)/2,-2.5,2.5); endagraph

Note: this page uses a relative link to ASCIIMathML.js, so the script should be in the same folder as this sample file.