Algebraic Logic

Workshop Organizer: Robin Hirsch, University College London

A brief description:

This course will start with an introductory tutorial explaining the origins and early development of this subject and will continue with more advanced, central topics in algebraic logic. As well as looking at the theory of algebraic logic we will study the links with universal algebra, classical logic, game theory and modal logic.

List of speakers in the algebraic logic workshop (subject to change)

  1. Agi Kurukz: Introduction to algebraic logic. 60 minutes

  2. Ian Hodkinson: The Rainbow construction. 45 minutes

  3. Szabolcs Mikulas: Reducts of relation algebras. 45 minutes

  4. Tarek Ahmed: Relation algebras, cylindric algebras and neat reducts. 45 minutes

  5. Robin Hirsch: Algebraic logic and first-order proof theory. 45 minutes

  6. Yde Venema: Complex Algebras. 45 minutes