Research In Progress

Dyadic Research on Ongoing Conflict
           I am currently in the initial stages of collecting dyadic data on serial arguments between romantic partners. I will be compensating couples’ who both visit an on-campus location to complete a survey (which should take approximately 30-45 minutes) with a $25 gift card.
           This research is generously supported by a Faculty Scholarly/Creative Grant Award in the amount of $2,000, which was awarded by the Chapman University Faculty Research and Development Council.
           If you are (1) age 18 and over (and your partner is 18 and over); and (2) involved in a romantic relationship that is at least six months in length, please email me at if you are interested in participating.

Communicative Responses to Jealousy Literature Review
           A colleague from the University of Montana and I are compiling research that has studied at least one of Guerrero et al.’s Communicative Responses to Jealousy in the context of jealousy expression. If you would like a copy of this review (which is still in progress, but was presented at the IARR biennial meeting in Providence, RI in July, 2008), please email me at
           More importantly, if you have conducted research using the Communicative Responses to Jealousy typology, please contact me at the email address above to share your research with is in this important project.