Dr. Jennifer L. Bevan (B.A., M.A., University of Delaware; Ph.D., University of Georgia) is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Chapman University in Orange, CA. Before joining Chapman University in 2007, she served on the faculty at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and at the University of Southern California. Her research and teaching interests center upon interpersonal and health communication within close relationships. Specific research topics include the negotiation of difficult interactions such as ongoing conflict, jealousy, sexual resistance, uncertainty, and topic avoidance, as well as related psychological and physical health correlates of these experiences. She teaches courses in interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication, conflict, health communication, and empirical research methods.

Dr. Bevan’s publications include 20 in press or published peer-reviewed scholarly communication and biomedical articles appearing in such journals as Communication Monographs, Human Communication Research, Argumentation and Advocacy, Social Science and Medicine, Communication Quarterly, and Genetics in Medicine. Her dissertation, “Intrapersonal Consequences of Another’s Jealousy Expression: Toward a Reaction Model of Jealousy in Close Relationships,” received the 2003 Interpersonal Communication Division Dissertation Award from the International Communication Association. Dr. Bevan has also been awarded numerous top student paper and top four paper awards in health and interpersonal communication at national and regional communication conventions and she currently serves on the editorial boards of Personal Relationships, Communication Research Reports, and Contemporary Argumentation and Debate