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"Adam Smith in the 21st Century Laboratory,"

  • Adam Smith Week, College of Charleston, March, 2017.

"The Meaning of Property in Things,"

  • Department of Economics, University of Alaska Anchorage, April, 2017.

  • Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Society Inaugural Conference, New Orleans, LA, March, 2017.

  • Fowler School of Law, Chapman University, October, 2016.

  • Julian Simon Fellow, Property and Environment Research Center (Bozeman, MT), June/August, 2016.

"How We Think about Economics,”

  • Southern Economic Association Annual Conference, Washington, DC, November, 2016.

"Commerce Unbound,"

  • Southern Economic Association Annual Conference, Washington, DC, November, 2016.

  • Upton Miller Forum, Beloit College, November, 2016.

"Language and Cooperation in Hominin Scavenging,"

“Humankind in Civilization’s Extended Order: A Tragedy, The First Part,”

  • Classical Liberal Institute, New York University School of Law, February, 2015.

Sentiments, Conduct, and Trust in the Laboratory,"

  • "Liberty and Justice in Theory and Practice," Liberty Fund Colloquium, Montreal, August, 2015.

  • Department of Economics, University of Bergen, May, 2014.

  • Department of Economics, Wofford College, Spartanburg, November, 2013.

  • Department of Economics, University of California, Irvine, May, 2013.

  • Department of Economics, University of Alaska Anchorage, March, 2013.

  • Workshop in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, George Mason University, February, 2013.

"Further Towards a Theory of the Emergence of Property,"

"The Emergence of Property as a Convention in the Laboratory,”

  • Plenary Speaker, Public Choice Society, 50th Anniversary Conference, New Orleans, March, 2013.

  • Plenary Speaker, American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, National Harbor, MD, August, 2012.

"Fair and Impartial Spectators in Experimental Economic Behavior"

“An Experimental Economic History of Whalers’ Rules of Capture"

Workshop on Experimental Economics and Spontaneous Orders, Instituto Bruno Leoni, University of Turin, October, 2011.

"An Experiment on Protecting Intellectual Property"

  • Gruter Institute Conference on Law, Institutions and Human Behavior, Squaw Valley, CA, May, 2011.

  • Southern California Conference on Applied Microeconomics, Claremont McKenna College, April, 2011.

"The Territorial Foundations of Human Property"

“A Comparative Approach to Coordination: How Apes, Monkeys, and Humans Respond to an Assurance Game with Equivalent Procedures”

  • Gruter Institute Conference on Law, Institutions and Human Behavior,” Squaw Valley, CA, May, 2011, with Sarah Brosnan.

Workshop on Experimental Economics, Vilniaus Universiteto Ekonomikos Fakulteta, Vilnius, Lithuania, January, 2011.

“Using the Laboratory to Rationally Reconstruct the Rules of the Micro- and Macro-cosmos,” Southern Economic Association Annual Conference, Atlanta, November, 2010.

Workshop on Experimental Economics, Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praza, Prague, May, 2010.

"Exchange, Theft, and the Social Formation of Property"
"An Experimental Inquiry into the Origins of Property Rights"

  • Distinguished Visitor, Institute for Law & Economics, University of Minnesota Law School, March, 2010.

  • Centre for Decision Research & Experimental Economics, University of Nottingham, November, 2009.

  • Department of Economics, Loyola Marymount University, January, 2009

  • Department of Management and Strategy, University of New South Wales, December, 2008.

  • Department of Economics, UC Irvine, December, 2008.

  • Southern Economic Association Annual Conference, Washington, DC, November, 2008.

"Discovering How Socio-economic Orders Form in the Laboratory”

“How Undergraduates Can Teach Experts A Thing or Two about Competition,” Invited Conference, Foundations and Limitations of an Economic Approach to Competition Law, Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and TaxLaw, Munich, March, 2009.

Workshop on Experimental Economics, Ekonomická univerzita v Bratislave, Fullbright Senior Specialist, October, 2008.

"Contra Private Fairness"

"Exchange and Specialization as a Discovery Process"

“Experimental Gasoline Markets”

"Language Games of Reciprocity"

  • Southern Economic Association Annual Conference, Charleston, SC, November, 2006.

“Historical Property Rights, Sociality, and the Emergence of Impersonal Exchange in Long-distance Trade”

“Building a Market: From Personal to Impersonal Exchange”

"Two Examples of Entrepreneurship and Experimental Economics"
Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Economics, March, 2005.

"Second Chance Offers versus Sequential Auctions: Theory and Behavior,"
    Southern Economic Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, November, 2004.
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Decision Processes Research
April, 2004.

"Strategic Behavior and Hysteresis in Electricity Networks,"
Workshop on Experiments in Natural Resource Economics, Akureyri, Iceland, May,

 “Experimental Economics and Antitrust: An Application to Gasoline Markets,”
     Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, Washington, DC, September, 2003.

“Auction Markets for Evaluations,”
    Economic Science Association Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, June, 2003.

 “Using Experimental Economics to Evaluate Simulation Predictions for Mergers,”
Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, May, 2003.

Sessions: “Experimental Economics in Industrial Organization,” Organizer and Chair,
    International Industrial Organization Conference, Boston, MA, April, 2003.

"Some New Features of Posted Price Markets on the Internet,”
    Florida State University, Department of Economics, November, 2002.
   University of Massachusetts, Department of Resource Economics, April, 2002.
    Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Economics, October, 2001.
    Ole Miss, Department of Economics, October, 2000.
   Purdue University, Department of Economics, September, 2000.

"Human Subject Experiments in Electric Power Research,"
    Electricity Market Simulation Seminar,
    Electric Power Research Institute, Washington, DC, October, 2002.

"Discriminatory Price Auctions in Electricity Markets,"
    Economic Science Association Session, Allied Social Science Associations Annual
    Convention, Atlanta, January, 2002. 

"Auctions and Multilateral Negotiations,"
    University of Arkansas, Department of Economics, December, 2001.
    INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences)
        Annual Meeting, Miami Beach, FL, November, 2001.
    George Washington University, Department of Economics, October, 2001.

Sessions: "Antitrust Experiments" and "Antitrust Policy," Co-Organizer and Co-Chair,
    Southern Economic Association Annual Conference, Tampa, FL, November, 2001.

“Market Power in Electricity Networks,”
   Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC, November, 2000.
    Workshop on Markets for Electricity Economics and Technology (MEET),
        Stanford University, August, 2000.

“How Applicable is the Dominant Firm Model of Price Leadership?”
    Southern Economic Association Annual Conference, Washington, DC, November,

 “Interactions of Automated Pricing Algorithms,”
    2nd ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce, EC’00, Minneapolis, October, 2000.

 “Experimental Methods and Antitrust Policy,”
    Regional Economic Science Association Meetings, Tucson, September, 2000. 

“Structural Features that Contribute to Market Power in Electric Power Networks,”
    33rd Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences, Maui, January, 2000.

 “Institutions, Information, and Behavior When Employing Software Agents in E-
University of Arizona, MIS Department, September, 1999.

 “Firm-Specific Cost Savings and the Exercise of Market Power,”
    Economic Science Association fall meetings, October, 1998.

 “Theory and Evidence on Market Power in Countercyclical Markups,”
    Johns Hopkins University, Department of Economics, April, 1998.

 “Market Power, Price Markups, and Capacity Investment under Uncertain Demand,”
   The Econometric Society winter meetings, Chicago, January, 1998.
    Department of Justice, Antitrust Division March, 1998.

 “Testing the New Keynesian Synthesis,”
    Economic Science Association fall meetings, October, 1996.

 “What Collusion? Unilateral Market Power as a Catalyst for Countercyclical Pricing,”
    Economic Science Association spring meetings, April, 1996.



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