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My academic home is in the Economic Science Institute (ESI) at Chapman University as the Donald P. Kennedy Endowed Chair of Economics and Law in  Argyros School of Business and Economics and the Fowler School of Law.  The ESI is located on the 1st floor of Wilkinson Hall and my office is room 109.

I am currently pursuing laboratory research on how humans use exchange and specialization to create prosperity and the jurisprudential foundations of property that undergird those processes.  My other research programs apply the experimental method to cross-species comparisons of social decision making in human and nonhuman primates, e-commerce, electric power deregulation, and antitrust.  I am also working with Jan Osborn in the Department of English to build a Humanomics program at Chapman.

During the 2012 Hilary term I was a visitor professor at Nuffield College's Centre for Experimental Social Sciences at the University of Oxford. Prior to joining the faculty at Chapman, I was an Associate Professor of Economics at George Mason University and before that a Research Scientist at the Economic Science Laboratory at the University of Arizona.  My first professional position was a yearlong stint in DC as an Economist in the Division of Economic Policy Analysis and the Antitrust Division of the Federal Trade Commission.

--Bart J. Wilson

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