Welcome to "I DIG GEZER"-- an interactive archaeological program.

In this exercise, you will be asked to use and analyze archaeological data along with biblical texts to reconstruct the history of an ancient Near Eastern city. The city -- Gezer -- is a real city and most of the artifacts that you will be dealing with are from the actual archaeological excavations of this site. Please be aware that in order to make this learning module manageable, we have had to simplify the finds and on occasion to use comparable material from other places. But in general this module will give you a reasonably accurate sense of what was found at Gezer and, more importantly, how archaeologists go about adducing information from their digs.

This module is self-contained. You do not need to do any further research. This site will provide you with maps, biblical citations, and information about the archaeological finds. Archaeology involves interpretation and synetheis so try to make intelligent use of the data at hand to come up with a reasonable set of conclusions, rather than searching for a "correct" answer.


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This assignment was originally designed as "I DIG GEZER" by Dr. Peter Haas and Dr. Julye Bidmead for use in Religious Studies106 at Vanderbilt University, Fall 1998. It was updated and revised by Julye Bidmead in 2006.