OpenSearch Plugins to search Jim Breen's WWWJDIC server

By Jess Bermudes

Mozilla Firefox

If you use Mozilla Firefox, this useful plugin will allow your searchbar to also be able to query WWWJDIC.



Firefox should have automatically detected the WWWJDIC plugins, and the left side of your searchbar should be glowing blue:

Step 1: Searchbar

Next, click on the glowing blue arrow to open your searchbar drop-down list:

Step 2: Select from Dropdown

There are two types of plugins available at this time. One allows you to query in kanji/kana/romaji (JA), while the other one lets you query in English (EN).

[UPDATE: Note that There is are also two versions of the JA/EN plugins. The default one queries the official WWWJDIC which is hosted in Australia. Due to popular demand, a version for the US mirror is now available as well.]

Click on the one you want to install. (You can install multiple ones, just repeat this process again.)

Now that it is installed, anytime you wish to query WWWJDIC, simply select "WWWJDIC (JA/EN)" from your searchbar's dropdown list and type away:

Step 3: Query

And press Enter:

Result snapshot

Yay! It worked. Have fun, hope this helps. Drop me a line if you have any questions/comments on this plugin.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome supports OpenSearch plugins, but they have to be provided by the root document of the webserver, so chrome can't auto-detect this page. However, you can still add the search plugins manually:

First, copy the URL of the search function you'd like (JA=kanji/kana input, EN=english input):

US Mirror (JA)
US Mirror (EN)

Next, right click on chrome's address bar....sorry, "omnibar" :)

This will show a list of all the registered search engines for your profile. Scroll down to the bottom to add a new one:

In the first textbox, put a description of what the URL searches. In the second textbox, put a keyword that will be used as a prefix when searching from chrome's omnibar. In the third box, paste the URL you copied from above. You can now close the options tab.

Remember the keywords that you gave it. I assigned the Japanese text search to "jdic.ja", and when I typed that in and pressed space, followed by a query, chrome knew I wanted to search that site.

and when I pressed enter....

It works!

A word of warning about Google Chrome and Japanese fonts: It seems that chrome doesn't know how to render the Japanese variants of kanji, and opts to draw the default Chinese versions. You can test if your browser is doing this by going to this Wikipedia page and looking at the table. For each character row, each column should look different. If they all look the same, bug! Unfortunately the Chrome team is waiting for a fix upstream from the webkit team, so I do not know when this will be fixed, but they've known about this issue for a few years now. It's pretty annoying. In the meantime, I prefer to use firefox for reading articles in Japanese.

Last Updated: July 5, 2011