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EMBA 602 Financial Information Systems

This course focuses on financial reporting and management accounting systems and is intended for the manager who wishes to effectively read, understand, and use the information presented in published and internal accounting reports.

ACTG 439 Accounting Information Systems

Accounting information systems and the use of information technology for decision making, including controlling risks within business processes.  Emphasis on sources and types of information and the use of analytical tools in solving accounting management problems.

Here is a letter I recently received from one of my former AIS students:


Hi Dr. Dehning,

     How are you? In all honesty, I have to admit that I was less than enthusiastic about AIS last spring (along with pretty much everyone else in the class I'd say). This summer, I interned at (Big 4 CPA Firm) in auditing, and I have to say that the information I learned in AIS was about the only relevant information I learned in my accounting classes that I could directly apply to my auditing work (bearing in mind I had not yet taken the auditing class). At (Big 4 CPA Firm), a big component of my work was understanding and evaluating internal controls processes (or in many cases, the lack of them). In training, I found out that I was one of the very few new interns who had already taken AIS, so I had a big advantage over the others. Plus, your class really made the topic make a lot of sense. It definitely helped me a lot on the job, so I just wanted to say thanks!


                   (Former AIS Student)