3 Steps to Guaranteed Weight Loss
Earl Babbie, PhD
(c) 2007

This is an absolutely guaranteed double-your-money-back (did I mention it's free?) weight loss plan in three, easy to remember steps.


  Step One:  Don't eat so much.


  Step Two:  Only eat what's good for you.


  Step Three:  Get some exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How much should I eat?

2.  What foods are good for me?

3. How much should I exercise?

4. Don't you have anything more intellectual to say about this?


How much should you eat?

Different people have different body types, metabolisms, genetics, favorite colors, yadda-yadda-yadda, so "individual results may vary."

Here's how to discover how much you should eat:

If you came to this discussion, you are obviously pretending you don't know what's good for you.  Let's dispense with that right away.

In each of the columns below, pick the food that's better for you.
 Choose One Choose One Choose One Choose One
Apple  Orange juice Green leafy vegetables Coleslaw
Chocolate layer cake Whiskey Lard French fries

Tell the truth. You pretty much know what's good for you and what isn't. If you genuinely don't know about a particular food, ask your doctor, buy a nutrition book, or just don't eat it.

Like, duh!


Don't make me hurt you.



  How much exercise should you get?


See FAQ #1

Anything intellectual to add?

Probably not. I don't think intellect is the main problem most of us face in losing weight. We really do know what's needed. The problem is more a matter of responsibility.

Every time we pick up a weight-loss book, we make the author responsible for us losing weight. Unconsciously, we establish an adversary relationship with the author. He or she is telling us what is good for us and instructing us in how to behave. We've spent a lifetime resisting such input, and no weight-loss author is a match for that.

The author tells us to have a piece of fruit for dessert, so we eat a watermelon. If vegetable juice is good for us, we drink a gallon in one sitting. Told to do 20 situps, we count by fives.

Ultimately our new weight-loss guru fails and has to console himself or herself with our money.

You pretty much know what to do. The question is whether you will take responsibility for doing it.
  Disclaimer  Everything I written above is true for me and comes from my experience.  I've spent decades watching my weight go up and down in faithful compliance with these three principles.  If none of this applies to you, I apologize for seeming to suggest that it does.


(c)  Earl Babbie 1997