Paul Apodaca, Ph.D.

Here you can find information that will help you to keep up with class schedules, and other information that can give you insight to the areas I touch in my research and teaching.

This is a picture from Cadiz, Spain that is part of my family history from the Spanish side

Spring 2016


Office Hours

Smith Hall #7                   By Appointment


Class Schedule                                            

ANTH 282        Folklore 

AF 206B           M   W         1 - 2:15p.m.

ANTH 396        Indians of California    

SH  115            M  W          2:30-3:45p.m.

ANTH 296        Indians & Film

BK 206             T                4 - 6:50p.m.

Antonio Dominguez - Beat you to it!

Phone: 714 744 7954

Driving Directions:

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