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Electronic Resource Evaluation Form

Thank you for your evaluation of this electronic resource. Your input is valuable in assisting us with the consideration of current and future products.

Products are currently listed under Trials on the Library Main page.

Please complete one form per resource evaluated. Your comments will be sent upon clicking the "Submit Evaluation" button.

1. What resource are you evaluating (E-resource title)?  

2. Assess the features of this resource on a scale of 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent):








(appropriateness to curriculum)

(included subject(s) coverage and span of years)

(number and quality of resources covered, thoroughness of indexing)

(update frequency, currency)

Search functionality
(truncation, Boolean, keyword, field searching, limiting, search history)

User friendliness
(ease of navigation, screen legibility)

Full text availability
(inclusion of full document or at least an abstract for most cited entries)

(online help, marking, printing, saving, emailing, link to Journal Locator, link to Interlibrary Services request form)

3. If you already use similar resource(s), including print resources, that you consider preferable to this one, please list below:

4. If you consider this resource superior to other, similar ones (including print resources) that you already use, please list the other(s) below:

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