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MEDLINE Journal Browser
Locate the full title of an abbreviated journal title. Simply "enter the journal name, MEDLINE abbreviation or ISSN. You may also enter a single word from the journal title or several adjacent words in the title. Use an asterisk * at the end of a word to truncate. For example, engl* would match england, english, etc."

JAKE (The Jointly Administered Knowledge Environment)
A database with information about electronic journals, including "the meaning of journal abbreviations used in journal indexes", "which electronic database indexes a particular journal" and "which electronic database contains full text of a particular journal."

All That JAS
Journal Abbreviation Sources is a categorized registry of Web resources that list or provide access to the full title of journal abbreviations or other types of abbreviated publication titles (e.g., conference proceedings titles). Selected OPACs that offer abbreviated title searching have also been included. In addition, All That JAS includes select lists and directories that provide access to the unabbreviated titles of serial publications.

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