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Multi-media Room
Advance Reservation
Policies and Guidelines

Requesting a Media Room Reservation:
  • Reservation requests are available in 1 hour increments to a maximum of 3 hours (maximum of 2 hours during the last 3 weeks of the semester).
  • Reservation requests can be made up to seven days in advance.
  • Only one active reservation at any time. Multiple reservations are not permitted.
  • Only the person that placed the reservation request can change or cancel the reservation.
  • Media Room Reservation requests are available to actively enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff.  Alumni and community patrons cannot place reservation requests or check-out media rooms.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your Chapman email address once your reservation request has been approved.

Checking out a reserved Media Room:
  • The person who placed the reservation must present his or her University ID card.
  • Any outstanding blocks (overdue items, fines, etc.) must be resolved prior to check-out.
  • Media room keys are for “In Library Use Only.” Do not take the key out of the building.
  • A receipt will be issued that contains the due date and time. Please retain your checkout receipt.

  • The original booking can be cancelled or the reservation time can be changed through the first 15 minutes of the reserved time with no penalty.
  • Failure to checkout, change the reservation time, or cancel a reservation will result in a $5 fine placed on your account. Please logon to your media room reservation to cancel or re-schedule your booking request.  You may also notify the Circulation Desk staff or call 714-532-7723 to cancel or change the reservation time.
  • Media Room Access Keys are due at the Circulation Desk at the end of the reserved time. A $5 overdue fine will be assessed for returning the Media Room Access Key late and booking privileges may be suspended.
  • In the event of loss or damage to the Media Room Access Key or Touch Panel, replacement charges will be assessed as follows:

$50 for the Media Room Access Key
$1000 for the Media Room Touch Panel

  • Failure to comply with Media Room Reservation Policies Policies or Procedures may result in a loss of reservation privileges and/or suspension of Media Room use privileges.

The user agrees to the following:
  • Food or beverages are prohibited.
  • Do not attempt to change any settings, reprogram or remove any software or audio/visual equipment from the room.
  • Report any damage or malfunctioning equipment immediately to the Circulation Department.
  • The person who checked out the key assumes full responsibility for the Media Room and its equipment.
  • Do not manually turn off plasma screens or audio/visual equipment in the rooms.(Equipment will be turned on and off by the  Circulation Department.)
  • At the end of the reserved time, the user will exit the room, close the door, and return the Media Room Access Key to a Circulation Assistant at the Circulation Desk. Do not leave access key on the circulation counter or place in bookdrops.

I have read and agree to the Media room Reservation and Media Room Usage Policies and Procedures.