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Doctoral Student Circulation Policies

Your University Photo I.D. card is required in order for the library to perform any Circulation transactions. No substitutes will be accepted. Cards may only be used by the student to whom the I.D. is issued and are not transferable. If the card is broken; the magnetic strip no longer reads; the picture, name or I.D. number is no longer visible; or the card is lost, a replacement I.D. card must be obtained.

Each semester or academic term (including interterm and summer), valid proof of enrollment is required to activate your library borrowing privileges.

Report any changes of address, telephone number, and/or other information to ensure the accuracy of your library circulation record.

You are responsible for all items checked out on your library circulation record, including items checked out for others.

A receipt will be issued at the time of checkout indicating a due date for borrowed items. Please retain your receipt. 

All library notifications are sent to your Chapman email address.  

Any outstanding overdue items will prevent you from renewing or borrowing including Interlibrary Loan and Reserves.

Return all items to the library from which they were borrowed (Leatherby or Rinker). Items are not considered returned until they reach their correct destination.

Bookdrops are located outside of the building and inside the lobby of the library for your convenience.

Please be aware of the posted library hours, changes in hours,   or schedule variations, which might affect hourly due dates for Reserve items. For the most recent updates to library hours please call (714) 532-7756 or check the library website at under Hours. 

The 1974 Family Rights and Privacy Act, State of California Law, and California State Education Code prohibit revealing the name of any borrower who currently has an item checked out, as well as their borrowing record.  This applies to all library users.


Items placed on Course Reserve by a professor have a limited checkout and are not renewable. Overdue fines accrue on a hourly basis for all reserves.

Return reserve items to the reserve bin at the Circulation Desk.  There may be a delay if items are returned in other bins, which will result in overdue fines.


Items (excluding Reserves & ILL items) may be renewed on-line by going to the library website at and accessing your library circulation record or by calling the Circulation Department at (714) 532-7723.

Items cannot be renewed if they are overdue, have been placed on “hold” by another patron, have been recalled, or have reached a maximum renewal. You are charged with keeping track of all due dates when renewing on-line; only system posted due dates are valid. Print the screen with the new due date as your receipt.


Items needed for Course Reserve or requested by another patron may  be  recalled  at  any  time. The  due  date for the recalled item will be revised to a new shorter loan period. The current borrower is assured of having the item for a minimum use period from the date of checkout, unless the book is needed for Course Reserve, in which case the item must be returned immediately. For each item recalled an e-mail notice is sent informing the borrower of the new due date. Negligence on the part of the borrower to read his or her e-mail does not remove the responsibility to return the item by its new due date. 

Checkout Privileges
  • Maximum of 100 items from the circulating collection
Checkout Times, Renewal Limits and Minimum Use Periods
  • Books & Oversize Books
    • 16 weeks with 2 renewals, 2 weeks minimum use
  • McNaughton Books
    • 2 weeks with 2 renewals, 1 week minimum use
  • Audio/Visual Items: (Audio CD’s, Audio Tapes, CD-ROM’s, LP’s, DVD’s & Videos)
    • 2 weeks with 5 renewals, 3 day minimum use
  • Reserves
    • Limit of 3 reserve items at one time
    • Checkout period designated by Professor
    • No renewals
  • Abstracts, Atlases, Globes, Journals, Maps, Microforms, Newspapers, Periodicals, Reference Books, Research Projects & Thesis
    • Non-Circulating (Limited checkout with approval from a Reference Librarian)
  • Archives & Special Collections
    • Non-Circulating (Limited checkout with approval from a Special Collections Librarian)
  • Holocaust Library
    • Non-Circulating (Limited checkout with approval from Holocaust Library Staff)
  • ILL (Interlibrary Loan)
    • As designated by lending library
Borrower Responsibility
  • Have your University Photo I.D. card
  • Retain your library receipts
  • Know when items are due to be returned
  • Monitor your Chapman email for library notifications
  • Renew items on or before the due date
  • Return recalled items by their new due dates
  • Return reserve items to the Circulation Desk reserve bin before the due time. Do not use other bookdrops
  • Return bookable room kits and media equipment (cassette players, headphones, Magic keyboard and mouse kit, etc.) directly to a Circulation Assistant. Do not leave items on counter or place in bookdrops
  • Return items (excluding reserves, bookable room kits and media equipment) to the Circulation Desk return bin or the outside bookdrop on or before the due date
  • Return items to the library from which they were borrowed (Leatherby or Rinker)
  • Be accountable for all activity that takes place on your library account
  • Exercise care in handling all library items
  • Report any damage (torn pages, highlighting, etc.) to items or missing media (CD, DVD, Video, etc.) at checkout
  • Be aware of posted library hours, changes in hours, or schedule variations
  • Pay any applicable fines or fees for lost or damaged, or overdue library items ▪ Notify Circulation of any contact information changes
  • Notify Circulation if your University Photo I.D. card is lost or stolen
Fine/Fee Schedule

  • $ .25 cents Overdue fine per day, per book to a $10.00 maximum late fine per book
  • $1.00 Overdue fine per day, per audio/visual item (audio tape, CD-Rom, LP’s, DVD, music CD, video) to a $10.00 maximum late fine per item
  • $1.00 Overdue fine per day, per McNaughton book to a $10.00 maximum late fine per book
  • $1.00 Overdue fine per hour, per reserve item (binder, book, CD, dry erase kit, DVD, etc.) to a $20.00 maximum late fine per item
  • $1.00 Overdue fine per day, per Interlibrary Loan item to a $20.00 maximum late fine per item
  • $1.00 Overdue fine per hour, per non-circulating item (bound/loose journals, newspapers, special collections, Reference, etc.) to a $20.00 maximum late fine per item
  • $2.00 Overdue fine per day, per recalled item to a $10.00 maximum late fine per item
  • $5.00 Overdue fine per hour for a bookable room kit to a $40.00 maximum late fine
  • $5.00 Minimum fee for damage to an item (broken spine, highlighting, missing labels/barcode, missing/torn pages, water damage, writing in item, etc.) up to the full replacement cost of the item
  • $10.00 Referral fee to the University Business Office
  • $20.00 Library processing fee

  • All hourly checkouts are assessed fines for any part of the hour past the due time. There is no grace period.

Replacement charges for lost/damaged items are assessed as follows:

             Cost of item (book, CD, DVD, tape, etc.)  
+  $20 processing fee  +  billing fee

  • $50.00 for a bookable room access key
  • $1000.00 for a media room touch panel
  • $4.00 for a dry eraser
  • $2.00 for a dry erase marker
  • $2.00 for a bookable room/dry erase case
Billing and Payments

You are responsible for all fines (overdue charges), processing fees (re-ordering, re-cataloging and invoicing costs), and replacement fees (cost of item) which may result from overdue returns, damage to items, lost or stolen items, including those items obtained by Interlibrary  Loan (and the fees designated by the lending institution from which Chapman obtained them). All  unresolved and/or unpaid charges will be referred to the University Business Office (including a  Referral Fee).

Payment arrangements can be made with the Circulation Department to prevent referral of your balance to the University Business Office. Failure to honor the terms of your payment plan will result in referral of the balance to the University Business Office.

All fines and fees must be paid in full in order for borrowing privileges to be restored, including access to Bookable Rooms, Reserves and ILL items.

In an effort to support students during difficult times, the Leatherby Libraries and the Dean of Students Office have developed a process to address needs relating to unforeseen life circumstances. When fines have occurred due to an unforeseen circumstance, such as hospitalization or a death in the family, students will be asked to provide specific documentation of the incident to the Dean of Students Office. After validating the information/documentation, the Dean of Students Office may provide the library with notification as a form of verification. 

The library will review the notification from the Dean of Students Office and make a final determination regarding any fine adjustment/waiver.

Business Office Referrals

Failure to promptly resolve these matters will result in the forwarding of unpaid debt (with an additional  referral fee) to the University Business Office. Failure to pay library fines and fees referred to the Business Office may result in delays of future registration, as well as transcript holds. 

Lost Item Refunds

In the event of the recovery and return of an item that has been paid for as a lost item, a refund may be issued for the cost of the item only. Processing and billing fees are not refundable. To receive a refund, the item must be undamaged and returned to the Circulation Department within 6 months from the original payment date. Items will be evaluated before a refund is granted. Refund checks can take up to 30 days to be issued.

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