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Chapman University Archives

Record Groups Inventory

Record Groups (Click on RG number to see details)
RG. 1. Board of Trustees and Board of Governors
RG. 2. Office of the President
RG. 3. Associated Students
RG. 4. Vice Chancellor (formerly Vice President) and Dean of Students
RG. 5. General Faculty
RG. 6. Office of Academic Affairs
RG. 7. Academic Schools & Institutions
RG. 8.  University Library
RG. 9. Athletics  1960
RG. 10. Office of Enrollment Services
RG. 11. Finance and Administration
RG. 12.  University Advancement
RG. 13. World Campus Afloat
RG. 14. Information Systems and Technology   [all this R.G. is empty]
RG. 15. Events
RG. 16.  Disciples of Christ (First Christian Church)
RG. 17. Traditions  [all this R.G. is empty]
RG. 18. Legal Affairs [all this R.G. is empty]
RG. 19. Campus Support Groups
RG. 20. Alumni
RG. 21. Hesperian College (1861-1896 assets given to BBS)
RG. 22. Berkeley Bible Seminary and Antecedents
RG. 23. Chapman College--Los Angeles—Campus -- 1918-1954
RG. 24. Chapman College—Orange Campus – 1954
RG. 26.  Chapman Family

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Chapman University Timeline