Description: Description: Nowak and Rotunda's Treatise on Constitutional Law: Substance and Proc...

Quoted and cited in over 7,000 cases and law reviews

What Lawyers and Laymen Say About Rotunda & Nowak's: Treatise on Constitutional Law:

Praised by varied and respected experts.

"In their one-volume work on constitutional law, the authors showed their comprehensiveness and insightful mastery of this subject. The more extensive treatment possible in a treatise will be even more useful to those with problems in this difficult area of law."

o    Charles Alan Wright

Late Professor of Law and the Charles Alan Wright Chair in Federal Courts, The University of Texas School of Law

"The Third Edition of this well-known treatise is a work of monumental importance to attorneys who labor regularly in the field of constitutional law."

o    Bill Pryor

Former Attorney General, The State of Alabama

"Every office working in the field of constitutional law will find the practice made easier and more effective with the aid of the Treatise on Constitutional Law."

o    John P. Frank, Esq.

Late Partner, Lewis and Roca, P.C., former Professor of Law at Yale

"A lucid exposition valuable not only to lawyers but also to journalist and all those who prize the First Amendment."

o    Daniel Schorr

Late National Public Radio Commentator

"Every practicing attorney with more than a trivial amount of litigation involving federal constitutional questions should have a copy of the Treatise [on Constitutional Law: Substance and Procedure] in his or her office."

o    Carter Phillips, Esq.

Partner, Sidney & Austin, former Assistant to the Solicitor General

"The first place to look if you have a constitutional law problem. A thoughtfully written, impressively researched and extremely readable work."

o    Yale Kamisar

The Clarence Darrow Distinguished Professor of Law, Emeritus, The University of Michigan Law School

los conocidos tratadistas Rotunda y Nowak” (“the renowned commentators Rotunda and Nowak”)

o    El Juez Asociado Señor Rebollo López (Justice Rebollo López), concurring, in Asociación Importadores de Cerveza v. E.L.A., 171 D.P.R. 140, 162, 2007 WL 1630877 (P.R.), 2007 TSPR 92 (P.R.2007)( (P.R. Offic. Trans.).

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